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文章来源:澳大利亚留学网 文章作者:黄文勇
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The Student Visa Regulations require students to have sat an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test prior to lodging their application.

Important: If you intend to lodge a further student visa application in Australia, read the information on the department’s website to check if you need to provide your IELTS results to meet the English Language requirements.  You may submit either an Academic or General IELTS test result as proof of your English language ability, however, check with your education provider if you are required to sit a specific IELTS test for entry into your course.

Contact your nearest IELTS testing office for available booking times.
See: IELTS - English for International Opportunity

IELTS test shortages

There is a strong demand for IELTS tests in Australia and all centres are booked well in advance. You must book your IELTS test as early as possible. Check with individual IELTS centres for their test schedule as new places regularly become available through cancellations.

If you require an IELTS test and are on holidays in your home country, you are encouraged to consider sitting your IELTS test while you are there.

IELTS cancellation policy

If you have made multiple booking for IELTS test places, and you do not intend to sit the test, you should notify IELTS to cancel your booking. If you postpone or cancel your test more than five (5) weeks prior to the test date, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

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